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Wooden Floor Installation

Hardwood flooring is an investment that will last for years with professional installation and proper care. There are different types of installation for engineered, solid, semi-solid flooring and parquet. Our wood flooring fitters have years of experience, have done all types of flooring jobs and met the criteria of even the most demanding customers. We have created a couple of short paragraphs below to show different types of flooring installations available to help you get the feeling of the process involved.


Why Choose Us
  • We employ only professional wood floor fitters and sanders who are committed to offering the best quality workmanship for the client.
  • We promise to give you the best possible service and the lowest levels of inconvenience while the floor is being installed. We will do everything to complete the job in time as mutually agreed.
  • We can adapt your skirting boards so that they do not have to be removed to complete the flooring installation. The skirting boards can be altered (cut out) using our specialised tools to accommodate the new level of the flooring. New boards can then easily slide underneath them.


Nail Down / Staple Installation

Nail dow system 
We nail down/ staple solid or engineered flooring planks to the sub floor (most commonly plywood). We use specialised nailing tools for installation to achieve the best results. A few planks are placed down and arranged prior to fastening to ensure proper placement and tautness.


Glue Down Installation

floating system
We can glue down solid, engineered or parquet flooring directly to the subfloor, which can even be the cemented ground/ base. Although we recommend to put the so called ‘underlay’ on cemented floors to make floors warmer. When gluing down the floor, flexible and efficient glue is used. This allows the flooring to shift a little without causing the glue to crack. With the glue down installations one can bring the furniture in and walk on the installed flooring the next day already.
Floating Installation

floating system
We can glue the tongue and groove of every plank together without connecting it to the base and then the floor ‘floats’ over a foam cushioned underlay. If the flooring has a locking system we can lock the planks together in between them without a glue. This method can be used with laminate or engineered flooring. Not all the engineered surfaces can be ‘floated.’ Floating installation can also be placed over sub flooring of questionable quality unlike the other two modes (nailing and gluing to the base). Floating floors is usually an option if you have multiple layers of flooring on the base already and do not want to remove them.

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