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Wood Flooring Oak 001

To oil your floors

  • Apply 2 coats of Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil with velour roller or
  • 1 coat of colour from ‘Colour Wax Classics’ list and 1 coat of Premium Hardwax Oil on top of that with velour rollers

Note: However, in our business we always add 2 coats of Premium Hardwax Oil on the colour coat (instead of the 1 coat as recommended by Saicos factory)

  • Remember, with Saicos you do not need to sand in between coats

The process

1. (Optional) Impregnate the wood with a colourless ‘Wood Impregnator’ – primer in moist areas

[Skip this step to nr. 2 if there are no moist areas]

  • To extra strengthen the floor against blue stain, mildew, etc. in humid/ water prone areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, downstairs near front door we recommend to use an impregnation liquid (‘Wood Impregnation’ in Saicos products list). Make sure you use the exact amount as written in instructions: 1 litre of this impregnation liquid for 8 m2 – not less!


2. (Optional) Choose colour from ‘Colour Wax Classics‘ list and apply 1 coat

[Skip this step to nr. 3 if you do not want to apply colour]

  • Use a new velour roller for colour coat. This step can be skipped if you do not want to apply any colour, but our own experience shows that this is where customer satisfaction lies – in colours.


3. (Necessary) Apply 2 finishing coats of Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil consecutively after each of the one has completely dried out

  • Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil is colourless but it differs by the degree of sheen – how well it reflects the light (is shiny or not): Ultramatt – 8%, Matt – 16%, Satin Matt – 23%, Gloss – 45%. Most popular is Satin Matt. When gloss type is applied it makes the floor quite shiny and it looks like as if it was lacquered although Saicos is an oil in its chemistry not a lacquer. Saicos is the only Hardwax oil in the UK market with four different sheens.

If you do not need wood impregnation against moisture and do not want colour – it means You desire the floors to be transparent – apply 2 coats of Premium Hardwax Oil with the level of sheen you desire straight on the pre-finished surface and these 2 coats of Premium Hardwax Oil, applied correctly, should be sufficient to complete the oiling of your floor – nothing else necessary.


4. (Necessary) Make sure the floor is completely dry before moving the furniture

  • Hardwax oil takes about 10-14 days to completely cure (‘cure’ is not the same as ‘to dry’). During the 10-14 day cure period, you have to be careful in case you spill water, wine etc. on the floor. Please clean it as soon as possible to stop it from leaving any marks.

Drying times…

  • Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil dries within 3 – 4 hours in well ventilated, warm areas and allows you to apply 2 coats in a day. If the rooms are less ventilated, the drying times will be longer. We just ask for your patience/ caution when waiting for the Premium Hardwax coats to dry as you should not get too excited about ventilating because cold draughts may appear in late autumn and winter and you may end up cashing out on anti-flu drugs from your chemist in addition to spending on floor renovation.