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Saicos Oils

We are very excited to be able to offer our customers Saicos Coating Systems products. Saicos is one of the global market leading brands in oil based floor finishes. It is the trademark to go with in this quality conscious, eco-friendly based and customer oriented world. We hope your experience with Saicos will be a rewarding and pleasant one.

Manufacturer's website: Saicos Coating Systems

UK informational and technical support at: Saicos UK

Our own general tips for floor finishes: Lacquering and Oiling

Before opening any of the Saicos tins:

  • Make sure you sand your flooring with a fine 150 grade sanding paper or 150 grit sanding disk and remove any remaining dust
  • The flooring should have no trace of any previous finish, be clean and dry.
  • Stir the content well every time and test on small area beforehand!!! Use the once opened tin within 5 years.
  • Apply Saicos Oils directly at room temperature following the floor grain, no thinning required.
  • Application is simple with oil/wax velour roller preferably, and it is very important to apply the oils thinly with the force on the roller as equally spread as possible in order to achieve the most even distribution of the oil.