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All prices excl. VAT

1 layer of Saicos Hardwax Oil applied manually at our workshop on 1 m2

  • For the flooring to be fit to walk on, it needs 2 layers of Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil
  • If color is desirable, then 3 layers of Saicos need to be applied on the unfinished planks



Flooring installation whether floating, nailed or glued down to the ground base

  • Flooring installation price includes installation of underlay
  • Customers need to buy their own glue (we suggest Sika) and underlay if only flooring installation is required
  • Installation price is ‘from’ because the final installation sum of money can be told only after visual inspection of the worksite by our specialists. Therefore, do not be afraid to arrange an appointment as it will not carry any obligation to book us just because we did the inspection
From £17
Fitting skirting boards (1 linear meter)From £7
Cutting skirting boards (1 linear meter)From £7
Fitting of beadingsFrom £3



All prices excl. VAT

Sanding (1 m2)From £10
Staining (1 m2)From £4
Gap filling with sawdust/resin (1 m2)From £4
Gap filling with wooden slivers (1 m2)From £9
Fire-base re-stitchFrom £190
To change reclaimed pine boards (per linear ft)From £3.50
Stairs: sand and seal (per step)From £39
Additional labour if necessary (furniture removal, etc.) per hourFrom £25
Carpet removal and disposal (per room)From £50
Our minimum charge£250