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Oils we suggest

  • We use primarily Saicos Oils in our business, although there are other different trademarks out there such as Osmo or Fiddes which you may have heard about. It’s just that Saicos Oils is a global leading brand with a fascinating UK technical support line that we never actually jumped ships to extensively use those other brand names.

Why Saicos

  • Saicos flooring oils have lived up to our expectations in terms of quality. By oiling the floor you will be able to ‘feel the wood when touching it’ especially if you walk on it with your bare feet. It is easy for amateurs to apply, is eco-friendly, gives you a sense of exclusivity and satisfies your ego by astonishing your neighbours when they come around to your house for dinner. It adds value to your property and reminds you the reason of putting wooden floors in your house in the first place: to differentiate yourself from the mass market. Otherwise, you may just as well go down the road to the nearest carpet shop and install a carpet or a laminate. You may have the same sense of colour richness with lacquered floors as well – it’s just that lacquering, as discussed, demands more preparation.

UK live technical support

  • If you have any questions using Saicos products, make sure you ring the Saicos guys, especially Dan (phones can be found on their website: They are always there to help out and we already lost the count on the number of times we rang them and pestered with our enquiries. And also, make sure you ring BEFORE you do the job, not after.

Floor maintenance

  • By oiling the floor you will also be making a liability to yourselves in maintaining it:
  • Maintenance of oiled flooring basically means cleaning the floor, preferably every 2 weeks or anytime you think it needs a clean, with and only with specially designated liquid (‘Wash Care‘ concentrate in Saicos products list).
  • Under ideal circumstances, you should also be waxing your oiled floor, preferably every 4 – 6 months depending on wear, with and only with specially designated wax (‘Wax Care‘ in Saicos product list). Wax Care may be White, Black, Brown or ‘Colourless’.
  • Usage of any other domestic cleaning chemicals on oiled floors is not advisable as they may damage the topcoat on the floor and the floor will then be ‘spotty’ if looking at it against the light as top layer of oil may be cleaned away.
  • Eliminate any edgy surfaces touching the floor as they may scratch it. Please attach/glue soft pads to the legs of chairs/ tables if you think they may scratch the floor while being pushed around (i.e. when sitting down/ getting up from the table). By the way, vacuum – cleaning is the best solution to gather dust – not mopping.
  • Oiling gives you a multitude of colours – be sure to contemplate birch/ pear, transparent white, walnut, ebony black, oak and mahogany colours combined with Satin Matt Premium Hardwax Oil as top layer. Use leaf green only if you want to scare the thieves away :)