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Wood Flooring Oak 003
If you install unfinished flooring in your house or want to rejuvenate the old flooring after it has been sanded you will then have to make a decision on how to finish it: you will have to either oil it or lacquer it. Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages:

On the positive side

  • The main advantage of lacquered floors against oiled ones is that they demand almost no maintenance/ after care. Once you have lacquered floors, they are there for good with the least amount of care necessary, having in mind that you eliminated sharp edges to avoid scratching.

Consider this

  • You should think of having floors lacquered by yourselves on site only if you are left with a nuclear option.
  • Lacquered floors, when scratched, are difficult to correct unlike the oiled ones (if seriously scratched, i.e. because of children, etc., the whole room most likely will have to be re-lacquered, not only the patch which was scratched, and this already will be on site lacquering – a tough job to do). If you re-lacquer the scratched patch only, then most likely this patch will be visible against the light as a separate coat versus the old coat of lacquer.
  • Lacquered floors tend to get yellowish in colour with the years from sun-ray exposure. Please use UV protected lacquer to avoid floor turning yellowish.
  • Lacquered surface gives a feeling to your feet as if the wood is under a sheet of glass, although this is a matter of taste as other customers prefer this shiny/ solid, seriously steel-like surface.

What do we suggest

  • We do not advise you to do the lacquering by yourselves on-site with the pre-finished floor already installed because lacquering requires substantial experience, equipment, attention to detail and scientific precision. Amateurs be warned not to succumb to temptation to satisfy your curiosity!
  • If lacquering is for you, then make sure that:
  • You visit anybody’s house with lacquered floors and feel it. By the way, lacquered floors may also be in colour!
  • Your flooring was already lacquered in the factory on a specialised industrial lacquering line or
  • Tell the floor shop to lacquer the pre-finished floor planks at their workshop, hence, assume responsibility for the end product or
  • Call in the professionals to do on-site lacquering. This will at least save you money on pills from a headache, in case you decided to lacquer it on your own.